All about the insect potion


Potions offer tamers a tactical edge with various in-game bonuses. Crafted from insects and containers, these versatile elixirs allow tamers to adapt their strategies and tackle challenges more effectively.

What are the effects of the Acceleration and Replication Tonic?

By using this potion, the insects you capture in your game will be automatically doubled! But be careful, this potion only applies to the first 50 bugs you catch. In other words, from the 51st, it will no longer take effect and you will only catch one insect.

What happens if I use two potions in one game?

If you decide to start a game of with two Acceleration and Replication Tonics, also known as bug potions, the 50 bug limit is multiplied by 2. In other words, the first 100 bugs you catch will be systematically multiplied by 2 in your inventory.

What about 3 potions in one game?

In the same idea as the two potions in one game, if you start a game with 3 potions, then the limit is multiplied by 3, allowing you to duplicate your 150 insects captured in that game by 2. That's enough to build up a good supply!

The Bee Keeper's Hat

Out of potion? Discover the effects of the Bee Keeper's Hat

What happens if I use the Bee Keeper's hat at the same time as my potions?

Wearing the Bee Keeper's hat while using your insect potions provides a distinct advantage. As your taming skills now focus on an innate ability to catch insects, this hat suits you to a T.

Because in addition to being an excellent insect catcher, you are also as cunning as a fox, you have understood that the hat was supposed to give you the same advantages, or almost, as an insect potion . What at first glance seems unfair to you will actually benefit you! Because the hat that then gave you a 7% chance of doubling your captured insects will now give you a 7% chance of catching 4 in one go! Enough to have a well-filled inventory!

It doesn't matter how you catch your insects

You probably already know this, but catching insects is not essentially done with a bug net. You can also tame a toad who will catch them for you... Under your command! Indeed, by using their skill on an insect, their sticky tongue will catch the insect and add it to your collection automatically.

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