Limited Time Wargs


In the shadowy realms of, a once-a-year phenomenon excites the hearts of adventurers and tamers alike: the emergence of the elusive Wargs. These mythical spectrum-type pets have graced the Darkness biome, and whispers among players suggest they have been spotted roaming the lands, shrouded in mystery and magic.

Taming the Ephemeral Beasts

For two fleeting weeks, these formidable creatures are available to be tamed, but time is of the essence as they will disappear as quickly as they arrived. Wargs are no ordinary pets; they possess a unique ability to spawn phantom clones of themselves, allowing a tamer to amass an ethereal army of Warg clones.

Unleash the Power of Clones

The appearance of Wargs ignites fierce competition and collaboration as players rally to capture and tame these spectral beasts. Harnessing a Warg's power is a sign of prestige and strategic mastery, as their cloning ability can turn the tide of any battle, providing numerical advantage and confusion among the ranks of the uninitiated.

Venture into the Darkness biome with allies, for the Wargs are not easily subdued. Their mystical nature makes them a formidable challenge to even the most skilled tamers. Assemble your party and delve into the heart of darkness to claim your spectral companion before the opportunity vanishes.

Will you rise to the occasion and command your own Warg phantom battalion, or will you let the shadows reclaim what they've bestowed upon the world of The clock is ticking, and the Wargs await your strategy and courage. Tame now, or wait another year in anticipation.

Wargs will disappear in

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