Rules about the account


If someone asks for details only you should know, be cautious and talk to a trusted adult about it. It's essential to stay safe and protect your online accounts!

Never share your account

Sharing your account is not allowed and your account could be banned forever for this.

By playing, you have agreed to the terms of use, which state that you may lose your account if you break this rule.

Never share your private information

Your private information is your biggest secret!

Never share details like your full name, address, school, phone number, or passwords with anyone online, even if they say they're your friend.

If you reveal this information, people could steal your account, or even want to hurt you outside the site!

You could lose access to your account

If you share your information with another player, they will be able to change your password and

you will no longer be able to log in to your account!

You could lose all your golden apples!

By sharing your account, you allow others to use all your golden apples for items you don't want!

You will lose all your golden apples
and you'll have no way of getting them back.

You could lose all your items!

The same goes for your items!

A thief could use them in his games or sell them to Mauve! You must never share your account, especially if you have things to lose in it!

Stay safe

Just as you wouldn't talk to or go anywhere with a stranger in real life,
the same rule applies online.
Remember that people online may not always be who they say they are.

While it's okay to chat and make friends, always be cautious and never share personal details.

On the various social networks, you may be asked to chat with other players. Don't click on unknown links, download files, or accept friend requests from people you don't know or trust.

Ask for help

If something or someone online makes you feel uncomfortable or unsure, always talk to a trusted adult. They can help guide and protect you.

You can contact the team on Discord or per mail.

I won't share my account!