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Axolotls, the poster children of eternal youth and underwater swag, are undoubtedly the coolest critters in the aquatic world. And let's not forget their adorable faces, beaming with a perpetual grin that says, "I've just heard the funniest joke in the ocean, and you'll never know what it is."

Where can we find an Axolotl?

In, the Axolotl is an exciting new water type pet that can be found in the sea biome. This intriguing addition to the game inhabits the aquatic environments, where tamers can search and tame it to access its unique abilities and enhance their gameplay experience. Keep an eye out for this captivating creature as you explore the depths of the sea biome!

What type is the Axolotl on

The Axolotl in is a water type pet, reflecting its natural habitat and abilities associated with aquatic environments. This classification allows it to harness water-based powers and offer tamers a unique set of skills within the game.

What is the skill of the Axolotl?

The Axolotl in possesses a unique skill that allows it to invoke a clone or minion of itself. This clone can absorb all the damage that the player would otherwise take, providing a valuable defensive advantage during battles and increasing the player's survivability in the game.

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Why does the Axolotl appear to be laughing all the time?

In the world of, the Axolotl appears to be laughing all the time, which only adds to its charm and mystique.

Some tamers believe that the Axolotl's perpetual grin is a result of its unique cloning ability, as it takes great delight in watching its opponents' confusion when they face not one, but two Axolotls in battle.

Others speculate that the Axolotl has a playful and mischievous nature, simply enjoying the company of its fellow aquatic creatures and the exhilarating adventures it shares with tamers. Ultimately, the Axolotl's infectious laughter reminds us that is not just about strategic battles, but also about having fun and embracing the lighter side of the game.

What are the origins of the Axolotl

The history of the Axolotl and its cloning ability is shrouded in mystery, which piques the curiosity of tamers. According to ancient stories passed down through generations of Tamers, there is an ancient and mystical underwater temple deep in the marine biome of, long forgotten by the inhabitants of the land. According to legend, this temple was once home to a powerful water deity who, in an effort to create the perfect aquatic companion, endowed an ordinary Axolotl with extraordinary powers. This divine intervention gave the Axolotl its unique cloning ability, which allowed it to protect its fellow aquatic creatures from the various threats lurking in the depths.

Over time, as the deity faded from memory, the enchanted Axolotls continued to thrive in the marine biome. Venturing beyond the boundaries of his kingdom, the Axolotl discovered the ongoing battles being waged by the tamers. Intrigued by the camaraderie and heroism displayed by these tamers, the Axolotl chose to join forces with them and lend his cloning ability to aid them in their quests.

Tamers who venture into the depths of the sea may have the chance to meet one of these magical creatures and, by taming it, unlock the secrets of its divine origin and harness the power of its cloning ability.

How to customize your Axolotl?

The Axolotl is available in a different look, and not just any look! Your Axolotl can take on the appearance of its own clone to confuse your opponents.

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Minion Lifetime
45s 15


Minion Lifetime
45s 15


Minion Lifetime
45s 15

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